Miracle Foot Massage Tacoma
Welcome to the World of Relaxation

Miracle Foot Massage offers a friendly relaxed, peaceful and comfortable atmosphere with foot massage lounges and ottoman far our foot massage. Private cozy spaces with warm tables for body relaxing massage are provided.

Miracle Foot Massage staff is professional, friendly and well trained using gentle or firm techniques to suit your needs. You will feel refreshed and relaxed after we are finished. Experience the benefits of our knowledge, techniques and understanding.

Miracle Foot Massage ls a professional Asian Foot and Body Relaxation Center. It is the goal of our skilled personnel to provide you the utmost in relaxation and rejuvenation. Our staff employs traditional Chinese techniques utilizing hands, elbows and fingers lo relieve tension and relax muscles. We do not perform prescriptive medical massage ar employ physical therapy equipment or practices.

Miracle Foot Massage does not require an appointment. but it is suggested. You can stop by anytime and bask in the comfort of our basic 30 minute tranquil foot massage or benefit from the ninety minute calming and revitalizing Foot and Body Massage.